Why are Peter Lowy, David Simon and Robert Taubman in the News?

Are you interested in retail real estate? Do you like to hear the news of what is going on in the world of shopping malls, and especially with those malls that are upscale?

If so, you will be fascinated with the story of Peter Lowy, David Simon and Robert Taubman. Three men who are locked in a battle to takeover one of the country’s most prestigious shopping mall companies.

Who are Peter Lowy, David Simon and Robert Taubman? — All three men are second-generation businesses with father’s who were driven to succeed, and to succeed in a most spectacular fashion.

All three come from families that own some of the largest retail portfolios in the world, and two of the three are intent on expanding their portfolios at all costs.

Why are they in the news? — Robert Taubman and his family own upscale shopping malls across the country. The Beverly Center is one of their most prestigious.

The other two men, Peter Lowy and David Simon, have decided they want to take over the Taubman family’s properties. Simon first initiated a friendly bid for them, but was turned down by Taubman. So he asked Lowy for help. The two are now in a partnership that involves a hostile takeover of Taubman’s real estate and, if it is successful, will mean they are the new owners of the Taubman family property.

Will Taubman let the two men win? — With Lowy and Simon determined to get their hands on Taubman’s shopping malls at all costs, you would think he would have backed down.

That is not the case, however. Instead, Taubman has asked for the help of several Republican senators he knows to push a bill through the Michigan House of Representatives that, if it passes, will stop the hostile takeover. Learn more aboutĀ Peter Lowy David Simon Robert Taubman come visit our site.


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